Marine Surveys Canada, like our namesake, performs marine surveys on yachts and small recreational craft.

Our marine surveyors are well-versed in vessel construction, ABYC, NFPA, NMEA and Transport Canada standards. Many years of marine industry experience are brought to bear on every marine survey commissioned by our customers. Whether you are seeking sound advice on a boat purchase or renewing your insurance policy, Marine Surveys Canada will provide unparalleled expertise and value.

Marine Surveys Canada has been providing marine surveys and valuations to boaters and the insurance industry since 2004. Beginning in Western Canada, we have developed relationships with major underwriters and brokers, ensuring our marine surveys are accepted by insurers. In fact, we are well-respected by insurers for our accuracy and attention to detail.

We provide marine-specific expertise. That means we know boats and we know the boating industry. Our marine surveyors have extensive technical expertise as well. At Marine Surveys Canada, we have proven consistently that we can identify potential failures that other marine surveyors simply miss. We don’t just ‘go through the motions’. We believe that a big part of a marine surveyor’s responsibility is investigative in nature. We look further to ensure the safety of our boaters and their families.

For the prospective boat buyer, our expertise is unparalleled by any marine survey firm in the country. While many marine surveyors may offer years of experience in marine surveying, none provide the depth and breadth of technical marine experience available at Marine Surveys Canada.

Simply put, Marine Surveys Canada provides the most thorough & comprehensive marine surveys available.

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Tyler M. Lewis

Associate Member, International Institute of Marine Surveyors

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Surveyor Associate